Liquid Metal

The Liquid Metal is made of 100% metal material and is liquid form at room temperature. Its raw materials includes Gallium, Indium, Tin, Zinc, Silver, etc. There is two research directions of Liquid Metal, one is Amorphous Alloy (Bulk Metal Glass) which is solid metal at room temperature with amorphous atomic structure and normally metal surface. Amorphous Alloy has good yield strength and elastic limit, and the main material is Zirconium base amorphous alloy. The another is Gallium base alloy, which is liquid and fluid and non toxic alloy. The Liquid Metal (Gallium Base Alloy) has greater thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and it can be controlled by micron-current and magnetic force, it is good to be used in Flexible Printed Circuit Board, mercury-free thermometer, thermal conductive material, drug carrier, micro electrode, etc. Compared with traditional thermal conductive materials, and has excellent heat dissipation performance. With remarkable stability and reliability, it is very good to used in the field of CPU/GPU cooling, high temperature and heat flow, and is a great substitute of Silicone Grease. In addition to the high thermal conductivity of all metals, those in the liquid form will also exhibit low interfacial resistance ensuring that they can dissipate heat quickly. Meanwhile, it is compatible with copper and stainless steel without emitting organic substance.

Liquid Metal Thermal Paste

This Liquid Metal Thermal Paste is made of 100% metal material by using our newest nano technology and adding nano metal powder into liquid metal, its thermal conductivity reaches 20W/m·K minimum. It has great adhesivity and high temperature resistance, and is non-flowing, non-volatile, non-oxidative at high temperature environment. It has wide range of working temperature and good thermal shock resistance, and great ageing resistance. It is a great substitute of Silicone Grease and can be applied to IGBT cooling and LED cooling, power battery and CPU/GPU cooling. This thermal paste also has good electric conductivity and has good potential application in Printed Circuit Board, solar energy conductive paste, etc. It can ensure long-term operational safety of heat dissipation systems for its strong stability and reliability. Also, its viscosity and fluidity are controllable and adjustable according to customer’s requirement.

Indium Foil

Indium Foil can be used as thermal pad between heat source (CPU/GPU) and heat radiator for fast cooling. And it's one of our thermal pads which are made of 100% metal and melting point in range of 58℃ to 200℃ which can be melted to liquid form when heat source (CPU/GPU) temperature going to be higher than its melting point. And when the temperature is going be lower than its melting point, the liquid form will become solid pad. So it is phase change material with high performance of thermal conductivity and strong stability and reliability after long time operation. Its raw materials includes Indium, Tin, Bismuth, Zinc, Silver, Aluminum, etc, and the metal thermal pad can be made into various melting points and shapes according to customer’s requirement. Single metal foil (Indium foil, Tin foil), Binary Alloy foil, Ternary Alloy foil and Quaternary Alloy foil are also available, and thickness range can be 0.05mm to 5mm. It is certainly RoHS conformable and absolute nontoxic.



Sino Santech Materials Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in the R&D and production of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), and is known mainly for providing solutions to many technical fields like electronics, thermal control, energy management, flexible robots, laser, military industry and aviation & aerospace. The factory locates in B-22 Bldg, Jinke Yida Industry Creation Town, No. 77 of East Sixth Road, Economic Development Zone, Changsha city, and is qualified with ISO9001 and ISO14001 authentication. 

By using the newest nano technology, Santech has successfully developed a Liquid Metal which is 100% metal content with thermal conductivity of 70W/m.k minimum, and a Thermal Paste which is 100% metal content too, without organic colloid and halogen. All products has passed SGS inspections and complied with EU RoHS environmental certification. Santech also received lots of patents of metal processing. The team of engineers has more than 10 years experience in metal materials and electronic solder. 

Santech makes persistent emphasis on R&D ensured our endless efforts on quality excellence and continuous development on new materials and aims to be a leading premium supplier of advanced materials in the world. 



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