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Liquid metal thermal paste on CPU of laptop

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Are the liquid metal thermal pastes that be used in CPU of laptop dangerous and corrosive?


In few years ago, people blurry think that liquid metal thermal paste could corrode the radiator and conduct electricity, no one to use it. That's because people  don't know much about liquid metal thermal paste.


But the truth is use of liquid metal thermal paste on the CPU is obviously better than the currently available heat conduction grease . Not only is it not corrosive, but as it doesn’t need additional protection, as long as it's used correctly


1As shown at right, it is the effect sketch of the liquid metal thermal paste on the CPU, the gray metal who looks like plasticine actually is insulating material. it can prevent the conductive effectively. For the CPU, it doesn’t require additional protection as long as the cover is not opened and the liquid metal is applied not too much. Liquid metal thermal paste is not corrosive. As long as it uses properly and evenly, the effect after use is also very prominent.


Caution: Do not use too much liquid metal thermal paste on the CPU. Do a good job of insulation protection, open the cover with caution.


In recent years, with the development of electronic devices toward higher integration, the heat generated in the unit area has continued to rise. In order to meet requirements of heat dissipation, the heat product by electronic devices needs to be conducted to the heat sink firstly and then emitted from the heat sink to the air. However, there are a large number of extremely uneven potholes between the surface of the electronic device and the heat sink. Therefore, people generally adopt the thermal interface material with high-thermal conductivity to fill the potholes, and the air in it is eliminated. Thus establishing a heat conduction channel between the surface of the electronic device and the heat sink.A new type of liquid metal filled thermal conductive silicone grease can be product by f filling liquid metal into a silicone oil matrix. The results of the study show that the thermal conductivity of liquid metal filled silicone grease is eminently better than the currently available thermal grease.

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